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Vision over 40

Vision Over 40
Sometime after the age of 40, one begins to notice the symptoms of age-related farsightedness. This condition is called Presbyopia. This includes that feeling, especially in dimly lit situations, that your arms are not long enough to hold a menu at a restaurant, for example. You just cannot get into a comfortable position where you can read something clearly.

If you already wear prescription spectacles, this generally means you will need to begin wearing multifocal lenses to continue to see clearly at all distances. Multifocal lenses have three vision zones, allowing you to see comfortably at reading, intermediate and far visual distances. 

Torga Optical manufactures lenses using state-of-the-art German precision free-form lens technology. Freeform technology allows for an unparalleled level of precision and customisation in creating optical lenses.