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Outdoors & Sports

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just spend time outside from time to time, the need for protective eyewear when in the sun has become essential.

Torga Optical has a number of products to suit your outdoor eyewear requirements - from polarised to tinted lenses.

To Polarise or not to Polarise?

Many cyclists fear that with polarised lenses they will not be able to view their Garmin or cycling navigation devices. This is generally untrue. Most cycling computers available these days work very well with polarised lenses.

Whether you're a runner, cyclist or enjoy flyfishing, polarised lenses are extremely effective at reducing reflective glare. Glare is the bright, harsh light that bounces off reflective surfaces like water, snow, cars, and the road. When sunlight travels, it does so in vertical wavelengths, hitting flat or reflective surfaces. The light is then reflected horizontally, which intensifies its brightness. Polarised lenses have a filter that blocks this horizontal light, dramatically reducing the reflected glare, making them ideal for pretty much all sunny situations.

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Deciding whether polarised sunglasses lenses are necessary for you will depend on under which conditions you wear sunglasses as well as how light-sensitive your eyes are. Polarisation is most helpful in very sunny environments and for athletes who have very light-sensitive eyes. If your sporting conditions are cloudier or are generally more overcast, you will need lenses that achieve more contrast. Tinted lenses that are brown, amber, rose copper, and yellow will help to achieve this contrast.