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How to shop for glasses online

Choosing Frames that Fit Properly and Look Great on You

Torga takes the guesswork out of finding a frame that fits and looks great. Look out for the Available on iStylist icon for on your favourite frame, and follow the link to download the app. You'll be able to see if your frame is a good fit, how it looks on you and you can even share with a friend. No more fiddling with rulers and no more disappointment when your selected frame doesn't fit. 

We may also require you to download this app to take certain measurements in order to provide the best possible product for you.

Selecting the Right Lenses and Vision Type for Your Frames
If you are unsure about which lenses you need, please email with a brief description of what you would like to do with your glasses and the Dispensing practice will advise you.

Please note that multifocal lenses are generally only indicated for people above the age of 40 who have the presbyopia condition.

All of our Online Orders are checked, dispensed and sold by an Optometrist
No need to worry, your online order will be reviewed by an Optometrist before your glasses are made. If we spot any issue we'll be in touch to rectify it before we make your glasses.

Your prescription
You only need to enter your prescription or tell us where we can find your prescription, at check out. If you're buying prescription glasses, you will need a valid prescription issued in the past 24 months. If you don't have a recent prescription, or if you feel that you need a new prescription, our Online Team will help arrange a test at one of our practices nationwide. You can also book an eye test online

Buying Multifocal Glasses Online
If you've bought multifocal glasses before, you may be aware that additional special measurements may be required to dispense multifocal glasses. For best results, we may require you to visit one of our practices before your multifocal glasses are made up. We will be in touch after your order regarding any special measurements which may be required.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Service and Adjustments
All glasses sold online come with Torga Optical's industry-leading satisfaction guarantee. You may also pop into any Torga store for our free adjustment and cleaning service where applicable. 

Troubleshooting and glasses collection
We want your new glasses to fit you well and to provide you with comfortable, clear vision. If you have an issue with your new glasses, we may require you to visit a Torga Optical Practice near you and to consult with a professional there so we can rectify the issue.

In certain situations, we may require that you collect your new glasses at a Torga Optical Practice near you such as situations where the professional who reviews your online order requires it. This would be regardless of your preferred selection of delivery method at check out. 

More info and Terms and Conditions
For more information please see our terms and conditions.