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The Fashionista


You just LOVE the latest trends! If it's on the red carpet, it was probably in your cupboard first ;-)


You like only the very latest trends in fashion and design -- and if it has a designer brand on it, you'll endorse it.

You're confident, love colour and are all about sophisticated and beautiful detailing and workmanship. We suggest, however, that you abandon the the 'bling' brands --- Torga has the very latest and best in European fashion trends! And because we do everything in-house, you can afford to buy frames to go with every pair of shoes :-)


Question 2: What Shape is Your Face?

If you are unsure, simply look in the mirror and with a white-board marker, trace the basic shape of your face. 


As a rule, when selecting spectacle and/or sunglass frames, one wants to balance the shape of your face with a contrasting shape in order to create balance to the facial proportions.


It's important to note, however, that this is just a guide - a basic rule of thumb - and that your face could be a combination of more than one of these shapes.

Click on one of the four face shapes below that is most similar to yours: