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Easivue Monthly Contact Lenses (3PK)

Torga Optical's new latest technology monthly disposable contact lens is available in an economical pack of 3 lenses. Made from Silicon Hydrogel, Torga Easivue Monthlies offers a comfortable and durable solution for regular use.

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Introducing Torga Optical Easivue Silicon Hydrogel Contact Lenses, featuring the latest innovations in comfort and eye health:

  • Breathe easy: Silicone hydrogel material lets 98% of oxygen pass through, helping keep your eyes healthy and fresh.
  • Feel good: High water retention and lubrication ensure a comfortable fit that feels like nothing at all.
  • Look sharp: Our silk edge design reduces conjunctival straining and irritation.
  • Stay safe: Our UV protection blocks up to 97.9% of UVB rays and 88.6% of UVA rays, shielding your eyes from harmful radiation.
  • Durable and Convenient: Our lenses are durable, easy to replace, and compatible with various disinfecting solutions.
  • Availability: Torga Easivue Monthly lenses come in a pack of 3, and are available at Torga Optical practices nationwide.

Consult your Optometrist if you are considering wearing Torga Easivue Monthly lenses.

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Are you looking for a contact lens that offers you the best of both worlds: affordability and quality? Look no further than Torga Easivue SiHy Monthly Contact Lenses, the new monthly disposable contact lens from Torga Optical that combines high oxygen breathability, UV protection, outstanding wearing comfort, and great reliability and durability for frequent use.

Easivue SiHy Monthly Contact Lenses are made of silicone hydrogel, a material that allows more oxygen to reach your eyes and keeps them healthy and comfortable. Plus, they have a built-in UV filter that blocks harmful rays from the sun. And with their smooth surface and thin edge design, they fit your eyes perfectly and feel natural. Whether you wear them every day or occasionally, Easivue SiHy Monthly Contact Lenses will give you the clear vision and confidence you need.

Ask your nearest Torga Optical practice if this lens will be right for you. See the difference for yourself!

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Pack sizePack of 3 Lenses
Wear indicationsMonthly disposable
UV ProtectionYes (Class II)
MaterialToufilcon B